Is scuba diving towards freedom even an option?

This article was posted on 5 July 2018
Is scuba diving towards freedom even an option?

Is it possible to train little boys for a 4 hour cave dive under bad circumstances?

Is it an option at all to let the boys, who are now more than 11 days imprisoned in a cave in Thailand, dive into their freedom? What is your opinion? Watch the cave system and the challenges they should overcome, such as the mercy water, stong current and the fact that some of them can't even swim. Watch movie: (From 21:15).

Diving for freedom in Thailand

What challenges are there? The dive took the experienced cave divers 4 hours, with the boys it would be even longer. Furthermore, visibility is poor, there are strong currents and some boys are not able to swim. There are also numerous narrow passages. These are all circumstances that can lead to panic, with risks for the boys and their supervisors. In the meantime, all the other options are decreasing. Heavy rain is expected. 

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