Dive site Tugboat Curaçao has changed for good

This article was posted on 16 January 2021
Dive site Tugboat Curaçao has changed for good

A look under the Noble Bully is a thing of the past.

Dive site Tugboat Curaçao, one of the best known dive and snorkel sites on the island, has changed for good. The old boat at the jetty, the Noble Bully, is disposed of on January 16, 2021. With that, Tugboat will never be the same. Did you ever the Noble Bully from below? Leave a log message as a tribute. Divers Guide Support Team: Yahya Landman.

Diving on Curaçao

Almost everyone who has ever dived on Curaçao knows Tugboat Curaçao. It's one of the most beautiful dive spots on the island with a beautiful coral wall, lots of marine life and of course the wreck. Yet you won't recognize the site on your next visit. The location has changed completely both above and below water. The characteristic Noble Bully is no longer moored at the jetty. So a look under the boat is a thing of the past. That is a loss. The ship was always a must see while diving at this location. Fortunately, there remains plenty to enjoy. Tugboat Curaçao remains a great dive site that cannot be missed when visiting the island. 

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