He didn't pay attention. Aaauwch....!

This article was posted on 21 May 2018
He didn't pay attention. Aaauwch....!

A diver gets injured during a dive on the Thistlegorm. Poor preparation and lack of the right equipment can injure divers easily during a wreck dive. The man probably bumped his head on a sharp object. His head is bleeding and now he has to deal with a number of risks. All of this wouldn't have been neccessary with the right safety precautions. Watch film:

Wreck diving Thistlegorm

Diving on or into a wreck is nothing like diving normally. It,s easy to get injured, striking against a sharp piece of metal. The right certification is required, as is a good preperation and judgement. A hood and keeping a good buoyancy can make the difference. Have you ever dived Thislegorm

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