The sting of a lionfish at 150 feet

This article was posted on 20 May 2018
The sting of a lionfish at 150 feet

During a lionfish hunt a diver tries to catch a spider crab. It is unclear why. Then suddenly, he is stung in the leg by a lionfish. Screaming with pain he gestures what happened, pointing towards the lionfish. His buddy, however, seems more interested in the spider crab. He is on his own... A slow and incredibly painful ascent starts. Watch the film. 

Divers who have ever experienced it, know the feeling. The pain is unbearable. "I almost fainted a few times," the victim said looking bad on his ordeal. His experience is a warning for divers who go out on a lionfish hunt. Beware! Lionfish hunting is a world-wide accepted way to prevent the spread of this invasive species which can wipe out entire reefs. This film shows that this predator is not only a threat to the reef. Watch the film.  

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