Divers break newly grown coral on Curaçao

This article was posted on 10 August 2020
Divers break newly grown coral on Curaçao

Disturbing news and totally unnecessary.

Coral Restauration Team Curaçao this weekend announced disturbing news on social media. Divers demolished the coral which the team has grown with months of hard work in dive site Stalla Maris. The damage would have been caused by poor buoyancy. Too bad and totally unnecessary. Divers Guide Support Team. Photo: Hans Pleij.

Coral on Curaçao

"Many divers use our house reefs in their own way," the team posted on social media. "It's a pity that they, by doing so, don't show any respect for nature nor for the hard work of Reef Restoration Team Curaçao. We found a handful of broken staghorn coral on the coral tables. Divers should avoid contact with the bottom and behave like guests underwater. We re-entered the broken fragments in our nursery for a second chance, but we're ashamed of these clumsy and foolish divers". With the damage, months of hard work is waisted in the blink of an eye. And only because of a few divers who can't control their buoancy. Join Divers Guide Support Team. Become an editor by helping us to find international dive news and dive sites. Post your links and suggestions.

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