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Cornelius Bay is a pristine dive site on Curaçao, next to the Curaçao Sea Aquarium and between Shipwreck Point and Tugboat Saba. Hardly anyone comes here and that's exactly why this reef is so special! You will dive over beautiful reef walls that have remained unchanged for more than fifty years. Discover this remote pearl of the Curaçao Marine Park with its beautiful gorgonians, corals and seahorses.


Cornelius Bay can be reached by boat. The dive site is located in a remote and undamaged area on the southwest side of the island. Enter the water from the boat to discover the coral. You'll see large, healthy coral colonies. Coral species, currently considered an endangered species in the Caribbean, are still found here in large numbers. Also look for the seahorses. You will often find them among the many gorgonians along the wall.


Coral species that are on the list of endangered species in the Caribbean are still found at Cornelius Bay. The use of a diving buoy is mandatory.

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