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Spanje, 11-05-22

Prachtige duik! Angelshark gespot maar ook een zeepaardje en baby octopus.

20 m
23 °C - 20 m


De zeep
Spanje, 5-10-21

Tarpon ,flounder, mooie duik

25 m
29 °C - 15 m


Jeroen Rohaan
Spanje, 6-08-19

Mooie driftduik gehad. Paar slapende roggen gezien onder de rand.

30 m
24 °C - 20 m


Steven Stegeman
Spanje, 27-04-17

Mooie duik met 3 soorten roggen: Atlantic stingray, eagle ray en bull ray.

20 m
20 °C - 25 m

The Wall, also called El Muro, is a popular boat dive site in southern Tenerife. As the name suggests, the dive lies next to a wall. There is often a lot of swell here, but the effect is gone once you're under water. The Wall is known for the presence of various types of ray, such as sting rays, eagle rays and bull rays. Additionally, you'll find sepia here and if you're lucky a turtle.


The Wall can only be reached by boat. The boat will take you to a high cliff, south of the city of Los Cristianos. The cruise time is about 10 minutes from Los Cristianos and 30 minutes from Costa Adeje. Enter the water from the boat to discover The Wall.


There is often a lot swell, so pay close attention when entering or leaving the water. Current depending on wind direction.

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