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Steven Stegeman
Spanje, 24-04-17

2e duik voor de wrakduik specialisatie. 1 van de wrakjes gepenetreerd met reel.

20 m
21 °C - 22 m

Twin Wreck, as the name suggests, is a dive site with two shipwrecks. Both are steel boats lying 22 meters deep on a large sandy bottom, near the port of Puerto Colon. One of the wrecks has collapsed, the other one is still in a fairly good condition. Both wrecks attract a lot of fish and under the wrecks and between the debris, macro life such as shrimps, crabs, lobsters and sea horses can be found.


Enter the water from the boat in search of both wrecks. They are liying close together at no more than a couple of meters apart. Both were deliberately sunk here for a submarine trip that no longer exist. One is a 12 meter recreation boat, the other one a 15 meter yacht.


Twin Wreck lies close to a port. Ascend along the anchor line or use a buoy to warn ships. Current depends on the wind direction.

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