Sports divers protect famous dive site Salt Pier for maintenance operations

This article was posted on 6 June 2018
Sports divers protect famous dive site Salt Pier for maintenance operations

STINAPA replaces sponges Salt Pier with help scuba divers

At the moment maintenance work is taking place at the famous dive site Salt Pier on Bonaire. STINAPA works together with local companies and sports divers to protect marine life as much as possible during maintenance operations. A project is started to move the sponges in particular to deeper water, where they are safe for the construction work. Are you on Bonaire and do you want to help? Send an e-mail to STINAPA.

Diving Salt Pier, Bonaire

STINAPA chose for sponges for their ability to quickly grow back on the pillars after they have been replaced. During a first session, 21 divers carried out no less than 26 transplant dives, under the supervision of STINAPA personnel. Numerous sponges are now attached to the piers pillars, with fishing lines at a safe depth. The lines will be removed again in two months' time.

Give space to project

Weekly sessions are planned, including additional training sessions for new volunteers. Would you like to join in? Before starting you will receive information about the project, followed by several training sessions. You can probably dive at Salt Pier, when ever the work comes to a standstill. You will then see divers at work with gloves on. Give space to the project. All work is carried out under the strict supervision of STINAPA. Other dive sites near Salt Pier are Salt City, Invisibles and Jeannie's Glory.  

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