Fully intact B-17 bomber discovered in Dutch North Sea

This article was posted on 25 June 2018
Fully intact B-17 bomber discovered in Dutch North Sea

Bomber discovered during construction high voltage cable in the North Sea

At the bottom of the North Sea, the wreck of an American B-17 bomber from the Second World War was discovered. The aircraft is almost completely intact. The wreck is now being investigated and identified. The discovery took place during the construction of the high-voltage cable link between Great Britain and continental Europe.

Victims found on board 

News sources report that human remains have also been found in the aircraft. The discovery happened by chance. During the investigation the researchers collided with a part of the aluminium wing and a part of the paddle wheel. The sheet metal still showed numbers that appear in the lists of parts of American B-17 bombers, which made the plane easy to identify. In a B-17, nine to ten crew members were able to sit and the aircraft could take 2 to 5 tons of bombs with it. The heavy bomber was used during the Second World War for attacks on German industry and cities. 

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