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Monique en Eric


Gemakkelijke instap door zand. Dit kan morgen weer anders zijn. …

25 m Visibility
28 °C - 25 m

Leon en Diana


Snapper, Langoest, spotted drum, murene, veel jonge vis, 10m is …

10 m Visibility
28 °C - 15 m

Max Flikkema


Redelijke instap bij golfslag. Redelijk stuk naar het rif waar …

20 m Visibility
28 °C - 20 m

Debbie Toutenburg


Op de zandbodem na het eerste rif roggen en op ongeveer 6 meter …

20 m Visibility
26 °C - 15 m

Leon en Diana


Groene murene, grote Snapper, Karko, Queen Angelfish, …

14 m Visibility
28 °C - 20 m

Leon en Diana


Linksom, div jonge Spotted Drum, Barracuda, Octopus, Flamenco …

9 m Visibility
26 °C - 15 m

John verhappen


Meest tegenvallende stek tot nu toe..! Weinig leven en koraal …

15 m Visibility
27 °C - 30 m

Aquarius has a double reef with the first drop-off at 8 meters. It's preceded by shallow waters, which are home to hard and soft corals and anemones. Navigate well and deal economically with your air supply, while searching for the second reef. Both reefs are heavily covered with mainly hard corals.


Park at Aquarius along the road and walk to the dive spot. The area between the road and the coastline can be flooded by heavy rain. The top of the second reef lies at 29 meters, with on the outside large groupers, barracudas, turtles and eagle rays.


Long swim to drop-off. Watch your air supply and bottom time if you want to reach the second reef.

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