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Remon Swaab


Redelijk makkelijke instap. Daarna ca.5min op 3-4mtr zwemmen tot …

30 m Visibility
26 °C - 30 m

Bob Suffolk


The real name of this site is Larry\'s Lair, not Liar! Does …

20 m Visibility
26 °C - 1 m

Larry's Liar is a nice dive site with a wide shallow plateau followed by two reefs. It's a beautiful site with dense vegetation and a lot of marine life. Dive over the coral fields with their different kinds of coral while the duke fish and spanish file fish are keeping you company. The larger species such as barracudas, mackerels and groupers can be found at greater depths.


Swim over the shallow plateau to reach Larry Liar's reef. The plateau is beautifully overgrown and full of the fish. The reef runs from 10 to 30 meters, after which it passes over into a sandy bottom. The second reef starts at 28 meters. It can only be reached by experienced divers, with the use of a compass.


Sometimes limited visibility. Beware of sharp rocks and fire coral, wear shoes with sturdy soles. Second Reef, experienced divers only.

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