Verenigde Staten, Florida

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The USCGC George M. Bibb, locally known as the Bibb, is named after the Secretary of Treasure under President John Tyler. It was built in 1936 as part of a group of seven ships including the Duane. The ship escorted numerous patrols and convoys and served as a flagship at the Okinawa invasion in 1945. The Bibb lies on its starboard side in hard running water at a depth of 40 meters.


The USCGC George M. Bibb is located 10 km. from the coast. Enter the water from the boat. Two buoys are connected to the wreckage. Always descend along one of the buoys to avoid being carried away by the current.


The depth and strong current make this a challenging dive. Always descend via buoy line, because of strong currents. Consult local dive centers or dive guides.

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