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Een mooi duikje gemaakt

3 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Bjorn Huizing


Mooie duik 50 minuuten naar 12 meter daar mooi snoekbaarsje gezien.

4 m Visibility
3 °C - m

Franka & Henri


Mooie, mysterieuze plek met prachtige overhangende veenwanden. Door het erg beperkte zicht …

1 m Visibility
15 °C - m

Pj en jw de vries


Matig zicht, een klein wrakje gevonden en een snoekbaar. Let op blijf diep tot aan de …

3 m Visibility
13 °C - m

Patricia en Majorie


Beautiful dive site: beautiful soil structure.... 1 pike-perch seen, 1 lobster and lots of …

4 m Visibility
10 °C - m

Pj en jw de vries


Lots of hurdles such as a punter and car, s. Lobster can also be seen and large, …

3 m Visibility
12 °C - m

Duiken in Zutphen


Challenging and mysterious dive site with different clay walls, red glow when you look at …

1 m Visibility
3 °C - m



Hazardous. 2 to 3 meters the visibility was still reasonable. 7 meters ³ 7 meters ³ the …

2 m Visibility
15 °C - m

Grote Gat Zwartsluis is an varied dive site with wrecks, tree trunks and beautiful reed walls. Interesting are the far overhanging reed walls on the south shore, creating the illusion of a cave dive. The scenario is surreal but be careful, the reed walls may be unstable. Grote Gat Zwartsluis is also home to a lot of species, such as pike, pike-perch, carp and crayfish.


Enter the water at the two piers (entry 1) or from the small beach (entry 2). Both entry points are close to the parking and accessible by a paved path.


Reed walls, only experienced divers. Don't dive under unstable reed overhangs. Don't take unnecessary risks.

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