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Hell's Corner stands for healthy coral and large fish species. At the same time it's a dive site with high waves and sometimes strong currents. Just watch the waves slamming at the coast and you'll know where the name Hell's Corner comes from. Diving at Hell's Corner is possible in calm weather conditions. Sufficient experience and the assistance of a locale guide is required.


Hell's Corner can be reached by boat. Descend via the anchor line for a dive over the shallow plateau towards the drop off at 10 meters. The reef descends steeply from the drop off. Hell's Corner is a dive site with healthy coral and a great biodiversity where, apart from the larger species, always trumpet fish, parrotfish and lobsters can be seen.


Hell's Corner is a dive site with sometimes strong currents. Diving is only possible under quiet weather conditions and preferably with a local guide. The use of a surface buoy is mandatory in Curaçao.

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