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Peter Groeneveld


Mooie stek / vliegtuigje is niet de moeite /het vele leven en het rif zeker wel / oud …

20 m Visibility
28 °C - m

Steven Stegeman


Van Sunset Water rechtsaf naar Mako Mountain gedoken. Frogfish en een stuk of 5 groene schildpadden!

15 m Visibility
27 °C - m

Danielle en Patrick


Danielle didn't even recognize it as an aircraft, went to the right and seen a eagleray, HAPPY

15 m Visibility
28 °C - m

Jeroen en Patrick


It wasn't worth it, but a turtle was seen here.

15 m Visibility
28 °C - m

Tim Oosterhaven


Not very special, but it's a plane in front of the coast but that's it.

20 m Visibility
28 °C - m

Sunset Waters lies in front of the deserted, and now largely demolished, Sunset Waters Resort. The beach and breakwaters in front of the old resort are deserted. Right in front of the beach and halfway between the two breakwaters lie the last remains of an old Cessna. The plain is almost unrecognizable. Behind this wreck begins the relatively steeply sloping reef. On the sandy bottom you can spot seahorses.


Enter the waters of Sunset Waters from the beach between the two breakwaters. Swim straight in order to reach the wreck and the drop-off.


Watch out for boat traffic at Sunset Waters. Use a surface buoy. A shore dive towards Mako's mountain is not recommended. The current can take you to Hell's Corner.

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