Nederland, Limburg

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The Molengreend is a shallow dive site in the Dutch province called Limburg, without diving facilities. The site is situated close to the power plant in Maasbracht. It's an old gravel pit with a limited biodiversity where mainly eels, freshwater crayfish and freshwater mussels can be seen. The area to the south of the power plant is the most interesting. The Molengreed is at this location is about 7 meters deep, but visibility is good and there is plenty to see.


De Molengreend is easily accessible. The low banks make it very easy to enter and exit the water. The bottom slopes gradually and consists of clay, gravel and sand. Divers usually swim up to the island and descend there. You can also go straight down and take a look at the reed banks on the east side.


De Molengreend is a shallow dive site. Limited pleasure boating.

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