Nederland, Limburg

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Bart Dewulf
Nederland, Limburg 6-07-22

Mooie duik, zicht op sommige plaatsen wel wat minder . Veel objecten te vinden, mega grote snoek gezien. Top locatie.

5 m
20 °C - 5 m


Armando Migchielsen
Nederland, Limburg 3-07-22

Op 27.5 meter, goed zicht! Mooie objecten, wrak duiken, leuke plas om heen te gaan. Let op contante betaling! Kan iets klantvriendelijker.

8 m
8 °C - 27 m


Rob Sonnemans en Ben Doomernik
Nederland, Limburg 29-06-22

Mooie duik van 80 minuten gemaakt met de beste buddy 😊. Mdd 11,7 meter. Veel klein grut gezien, verder niets. Zicht geregeld echt slecht.

4 m
11 °C - 15 m


Erik Reiters
Nederland, Limburg 27-05-22

Zicht is weer beter aan het worden. Mooie grote baars die ons minuten lang aan het bekijken was. Mooie duik.

5 m
18 °C - 8 m


Stefan, dietrich, ilke, michel
Nederland, Limburg 26-05-22

2 mooie duiken gemaakt, verschil. obj. gezien. Groot temp verschil: 17gr@3m <> 9gr@11m. Veel stof van andere duikers. Gezellige clubduik

3 m
9 °C - 15 m


Ronald Kett
Nederland, Limburg 20-05-22

Reduced visibility at Slopje, otherwise great.

8 m
8 °C - 20 m


Erik Reiters
Nederland, Limburg 14-05-22

Fijne duik gehad, tot 6 meter is het zicht minder maar dieper is het echt goed.

3 m
18 °C - 10 m


Duikteam de Achterhoek
Nederland, Limburg 15-05-22

2 fantastische duiken gemaakt. Heel wat leven en ibjecten gezien. ‘s Morgens ontzettend druk. s’Middags de duikplaats bijna voor ons alleen.

7 m
15 °C - 10 m


Maurice te Brake
Nederland, Limburg 11-05-22

Dd 45 min. Mdd 25,5 m. Zicht op diepte 5 meter. Temp op diepte 7 graden

5 m
7 °C - 25 m


Lambert van de Wal
Nederland, Limburg 11-05-22

Mooie duik Buddy: Mark

7 m
17 °C - 5 m


Maurice te Brake
Nederland, Limburg 4-05-22

MDD 11,9 meter, DD 52 minuten. zicht ca 4 m. 2 snoeken

4 m
8 °C - 10 m


Ger Hummel
Nederland, Limburg 1-05-22

Leuke duik in de middag gemaakt en ondanks de drukte van de zondagochtend was t zicht redelijk te doen

4 m
8 °C - 10 m


Ger Hummel
Nederland, Limburg 24-04-22

Leuke clubduik met 14 leden, zicht bij instappen matig, voorbij de instappen redelijk goed

5 m
10 °C - 10 m


Maurice te Brake
Nederland, Limburg 13-04-22

Mdd 26,3m, zicht 5m op diepte. Dd 40min. Schemerduik. 1 kreeft, groepjes met baarzen (ca 15 cm) 1 dikke snoek ca 1 m. groot. 3 x 1 fuut

5 m
7 °C - 25 m


Sonja Verhoef
Nederland, Limburg 2-04-22

Twee duiken gemaakt; goed zicht, maar er hing wel een melkwitte waas. De 1e duik met Tim, Arjan en Arno; de 2e duik met Arjan en Armo.

3 m
7 °C - 10 m

Boschmolenplas, near the Dutch city of Panheel, is a popular dive site with lots of marine life and a large number of objects. The site is popular among scuba divers, biologists and free-divers. The clean water attracts special species, such as the freshwater jellyfish. A filling station, changing rooms, classrooms, rinsing taps and a large catering facility with outdoor terrace are just some of the many facilities. There is also a workshop for repairs, maintenance and inspections. Underwater you'll find a large number of diving objects, including several wrecks, a container park and six diving platforms at different depths. Opening hours: Paid diving.


The Boschmolenplas has four entry points, equipped with walkways and stairs and there are ramps for the disabled divers. Enter the water and enjoy the clear water which is of excellent quality. The water is connected to a drinking water basin and is therefore constantly monitored. The dive site is also suitable for free-diving, a free-diving platform is available. The Boschmolenplas was the first freshwater excavation in Europe with a reefball project. The reefballs provide shelter for all kinds of fish and other marine life. One of the most striking objects in the Boschmolenplas is dive wreck, De Kantelaar. This diving attraction is 18 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters high. The Boschmolenplas is located near the village Heel in the municipality of Maasgouw. Just like the other Maasplassen it's an old gravel hole, where gravel was mined until 1990.


Check opening hours at Paid diving. Access only via the entrance of the dive center. Bring your diving certificate. Solo diving, buddy line, campers, pets, barbecue and grilling are not allowed. Oxygen and AED available.

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Bosmolenweg 14, 6097 NG Heel
Sufficient parking
25 m.
Suitable for
Groups, disabled divers, night diving, scuba diving practice, technical diving , free diving, all levels, disabled divers
N.v.t. / NA
Paid diving
Dive center , kiosk, locker rooms , teaching rooms , sink , terrace , toilet, accomodation, equipment rental , terraces, freedive platform, fill station
Kind of dive
Shore dive
4 - 10 m.
Average visibility
5 m.
32 m.
Opossum shrimp or mysida, asian clam, goby, carp, pike, stickleback, roach, lophopus crystallinus or bellflower, tench, freshwater jellyfish, round goby, perch, pike-perch, catfish
Other recreation
Not allowed
3d tour locked Members only

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