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Buddy Oli4


Vanaf boot Coral Buddy (Buddy Dive Resort) langs de muur. Zeepaardje, mureen mooie duikplaats.

30 m Visibility
26 °C - m

Fam. Hulsebosch


Night dive with boat (Wannadive), beautiful coral wall: 18 m a cave, lots of life; …

15 m Visibility
27 °C - m

Small Wall. The name says it all. This dive site is characterized by a small and beautiful reef wall. Underwater photographers love to come here for the overwhelming colors and the huge variety in marine life. The wall lies 30 meters from the shore, where it's marked by a buoy. It runs from 12 to 22 meters. Permanent residents are nurse sharks, groupers and prawns.


Enter the water from the boat and find your way to the reef wall. Check the holes and crevices in the wall to spot al kinds of sea creatures. Small Wall is also a beautiful night dive spot.

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