Nederland, Zeeland

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Marjolein de Schipper
Nederland, Zeeland 15-08-23

HW duik. Zeeanjelier, brokkelster, krab, wit vlokslakje. Je wordt dieper getrokken bij Wemeldinge stekken dus steeds iets omhoog krabbelen.

5 m
20 °C - 14 m


David Vanhollebeke
Nederland, Zeeland 15-08-19

Hier gedoken bij LW en mijn vin (mares blauw) kwijt gespeeld. Iemand die hem toevallig zou vinden? 32498756779

1 m
20 °C - 10 m


Miranda & Ton
Nederland, Zeeland 30-06-19

Duik bij hoog water en op diepte goed zicht. Mooie en kleurige begroeiing. Veel anemonen, anjelieren, paling, bolken, platvis en botervissen

4 m
21 °C - 25 m

Stormzande is a dive spot with large oyster fields that are populated by many small marine life. It's a short walk tot the entry point and getting into the water is easy at both high and low tide. Stormezande is home to crabs, mucous fish, pipefish, shrimps, slugs and much more. Because Stormezande is located along a long sea dike, this dive site is extremely suitable for drift diving. After all, you can get out of the water anywhere and easily walk back to your entry point.


Park at Stormezande along the road. Try to park your car as close as possible to the concrete stairs that lead to the water. The stairs end at high tide in the water and at low tide at a pebble beach, which ends in a row of basalt blocks. Swim past the basalt blocks and then descent to deeper waters. At a depth of 10 meters, you will end up on a sandy bottom that turns into large oyster fields at a depth of 14 meters. This is where most of the marine life of Stormezande can be found.


The current at Stormezande is quite strong. This site is therefore more suitable for advanced divers.

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