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Peter Groeneveld


Veel vervuiling / weinig groot leven.

20 m Visibility
28 °C - m



From the boat first to Love cave where a lot of lion fish is swimming, then back to tarpon …

30 m Visibility
26 °C - m

Tarpon Bridge is one of Curacoa's most beautiful dive sites. Tarpon Bridge consists of a natural arch at a depth of 20 meter. The arch is 7 meter high and about 12 meter wide. It's an impressive structure, overgrown wit corals and always surrounded by tarpons and turtles. Other features at Tarpon Bridge are a plateau at 19 meter and of corse Love Cave. A small cave where divers once spotted two mating nurse sharks.


Tarpon Bridge is can not always be reached due to the strong currents. The dive site is situated at the rough east side of Curacao. Ask a local dive school for more information.


Currents are usually strong at Tarpon Bridge. Only excperienced divers.

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