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15 m Visibility
26 °C - 20 m

Watamula is the most western dive site on the island, located between Westpunt and Noordpunt. The name Watamula is derived from the Dutch word 'watermill' and not without reason. Because three currents converge here, it's impossible to predict what kind of dive you will make and how long it will last. Watamula is also a tourist attraction. Near the entry point there is a large round hole in the ground, where the seawater splashes up through an underground tunnel.


Enter the water of Watamula from for an adventurous dive. Groupers, lobsters and turtles roam around and sometimes seahorses and rays can be found on the sandy bottom. Watamula has a number of 'cleaning stations', which attract many large and small fish.


Diving at Watamula is only possible under calm weather conditions and always with a local guide. Strong currents that sometimes change in direction during your dive. Don't enter the water by jumping into the hole, this can be dangerous.

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