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Karin Brussaard
Bonaire, 17-01-16

driftduik gemaakt. Meerdere schildpadden, grote scholen vis, mooie sponzen, etc.

30 m
26 °C - 20 m

Nearest Point is a fun dive site with limited current and depths ranging from 10 to 40 meters. It's a dive site which attracts divers of all levels. There is an abundant of marine life. Along the shore the bottom consists of sand, followed by soft and hard corals on the reef. At greater depths black coral, as well as large orange and purple tube sponges can be seen.


Nearest Point is a boat dive location. It's a dive spot where barracudas and large spotted moray eels can be seen, as well as triggerfish, snappers, groupers and much more.


The drop off at Nearest Point is steep. Swim to the side for a more gradual descend.

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