When a crocodile bites an electric eel

This article was posted on 6 May 2018
When a crocodile bites an electric eel

The crocodile hesitates a while, but eventually strikes. His fate is immediately sealed. The animal gets electrocuted and stiffens. An adult electric eel can produce an shock of up to 550 volts. Strong enough to stun and sometimes even kill a crocodile or a human being. They mainly live in pools and creeks in the Amazon region. Watch video:

Electric eel and defense 

Electric eels use their electricity primarily to observe their environment and catch small prey animals. But, it is also a defensive mechanism. The electrical charge can cause a cardiac arrest, resulting in death. A non-lethal shock will numb the victim, after which it will die as a result of drowning. An electric eel has three electric organs that together make up almost sixty percent of its body weight. The two electric poles are located respectively on the head and tail sections. 

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