Man builds dive site in his own backyard

This article was posted on 21 May 2018
Man builds dive site in his own backyard

A private dive spot in your own garden. And not just a pool, but a real life dive site with an underwater tunnel, measuring 5  by 54 feet (1,5 by 16,5 meters), which you can dive through. A man from the state of Utah in the United States of America has it all. Would you do it if you had the money? Watch the film:

Diving United States

The pond has a waterfall, a shallow part and caves. The size is staggering. His private spot is 141 feet (43 meters) long, 59 feet (18 meters) wide, 26 feet (8 meters) deep and it 'contains 1.4 million litres of water. "Its for practicing my skill without having to travel," the owner says.

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