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Diving at Boca San Pedro is only possible for a few days a year and only with an experienced, local guide. The coast is rugged and rough and you have to swim far to reach the reef. However, you will get something in return. Between the large, healthy coral fields there are large lobsters to be found. Boca San Pedro is also home to reef sharks, rays, nurse sharks and tarpons.


Boca San Pedro is located on the rugged north side of Curaçao. The bay is located at the second mill on the plain of San Pedro. Park your car and descend the steep path to the beach. Take diving shoes with you to defy the rocks and sharp volcanic stones. Once in the water you have to swim a good distance on the surface to reach the drop-off. A boat dive may be recommended.


Diving at Boca San Pedro is only possible for a few days a year and always with an experienced, local guide. Bring your diving shoes with you. Keep a close eye on your air supply. Good condition and sufficient experience are necessary.

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