Spanje, Cantabria

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Paul van de Meulengraaf


Mooie duikstek met veel vis aan einde van de tunnels. Het koraal …

20 m Visibility
23 °C - 22 m

Dofi Sud is an easy cave dive through several tunnels, which is also suitable for less experienced divers. The tunnels are very wide, the exits are always visible. Especially the entrances and exits of the tunnels are beautiful and teeming with life. You will see beautiful, soft corals, different sponges and the most beautiful slugs. Between the stones at the bottom of the tunnel you sometimes find a forkbeard and sometimes even a conger eel.


Enter the water from the boat to discover Dofi Sud. At the entrance of the tunnel there is a statue of a dolphin, which gives the dive site its name. The entrance is 13 meters deep. The long tunnel descends tot 25 meters on the north side and then continues until beyond 40 meters.


Only cave divers. Stay away from the bottom in the tunnels to avoid poor visibility.

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