Spanje, Cantabria

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Ton & Miranda
Spanje, Cantabria 30-09-23

Tussen en langs de rotsen, veel leven gespot. Gorgonia, kokerwormen, octopus, murene steenvis en verschillende soorten slakjes

12 m
21 °C - 16 m


Ton & Miranda
Spanje, Cantabria 29-09-23

Met boot buiten de baai gebracht en terug gedoken. Veel leven gespot. Octopus, murene, verschillende slakjes, barracuda, vorskwab en poon

15 m
21 °C - 13 m


Ton & Miranda
Spanje, Cantabria 28-09-23

Duik langs de rotsen. Veel kleine octopusjes, conger aal, murene, anemoonkrab, vorskwab, steenvis, dahlia, lipvis en grote scholen vis

14 m
21 °C - 12 m


Ton & Miranda
Spanje, Cantabria 27-09-23

Duik op het huisrif. Pieterman, lipvis, galathea, vorskwab, murene, Palamos garnaal, gehoornde slijmvis, steenvis, octopus, zeepaardje

12 m
21 °C - 15 m


Ton & Miranda
Spanje, Cantabria 26-09-23

Mooie duik op het huisrif. Buizen gevolgd tot 15m, langs rotsen terug. Hagedisvis, conger aal, octopus, murene en klein zeepaardje

12 m
21 °C - 15 m

Tamariu is an easy dive site on the Spanish Costa Brava with sand, rocks, sea grass and a great biodiversity. Underwater runs a system of tubes to make navigation easy. There is a lot to see in Tamariu. You'll encounter octopuses, cuttlefish, various snails, conger eels, scorpion fish and seahorses. The dive site is managed by a diving school with a filling station and equipment rental. Sign up at the diving school before diving. A small fee is required for the use of their facilities.


Tamariu is the Stolli's Divebase house reef. Sign in at the diving school before diving. There is a small staircase to enter the water. The bottom slopes gently which makes Tamariu easy accessible and suitable for unexperienced divers. Stollis's Divebase offers boat dives as well. The boat leaves from this dive site.


There are usually many boats and swimmers at Tamariu. Use a surface buoy if necessary.

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TAMARIU Features

Huisrif Stolli's Divebase
Passeig del Mar
Limited parking
30 m.
Suitable for
Beginners (there is a lot to see at shallow depths), beginners (gradually sloping bottom), day out with the family, night diving, all levels, snorkelers
N.v.t. / NA
Paid diving
Boulevard, dive shop, divers stairs, diving school, equipment rental , restaurants
Kind of dive
Shore dive
6 - 15 m.
Average visibility
8 m.
14 m.
zand en zeegras,zand,rotsen
Anemone, conger eel or conger, mediterranean moray or roman eel, wrasse, neptune grass or mediterranean tapeweed, nudibranch, flatfish, flatworm, scorpionfish, seahorse , starfish
Other recreation
All watersports

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