Spanje, Cantabria


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Didi vanuit camping L Estartit


Geen stoming dus konden we met Calypso de achterkant van de medes eilanden doen waar heel …

40 m Visibility
15 °C - m

Jean en harrie


What a feast, barracuda, grouper, moray eel, scabbard fish and beautiful coral

15 m Visibility
21 °C - m

Ronald Faber


Large schools fish, barracudas, groupers, moray eels

15 m Visibility
22 °C - m

Hanssens Didi


Lovely grotto dives near the dolphin.... beautiful meros and moray moraines, barracudas …

15 m Visibility
21 °C - m

Ron vtk


Beautiful cave diving done, a few large groupers seen, occasionally we came across a piece of coral.

8 m Visibility
16 °C - m

Tasco Gros is just as dive sites like Carall Bernat and Tasco Gros a rock formation close to the Medes Islands. Dive between huge cliffs, observe the vegetation on the rocks and study the small marine life that flourishes here. The stones are covered with slugs and you will see large fields with gorgonians. The biodiversity is enormous.


Tasco Gros is a relaxing dive. This area is sheltered from the south and has little or no current. That seems to attract a lot of fish. They swim against the slight current.


Dive at Taco Gros only through authorized dive centers. Medical fitness and diving insurance required. Protected nature reserve.

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