Spanje, Cantabria


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Ton, Miranda & Ramon


Mooie duik op schitterende locatie. Heel veel leven te spotten. Octopus, zeedonderpad, …

8 m Visibility
15 °C - m

Sa Tuna is a nice dive site with a pebble beach, a beautiful rocky coastline and a narrow passage which you can dive through. The passage is 18 meters deep and leads to an open area with a large rock in the middle. On this rock you can find different kinds of sea snails. Use a local guide if you want to dive to this rock.


Sa Tuna is an inviting dive site. Dive from the small pebble beach, or jump in the water from the small quay wall. Then start your search for marine life among the rocks.


Sometimes a lot of boating, use a deco buoy. Use a local guide if you want to dive through the narrow passage.

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