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Ireland's drop off begins at about 80 meters from the shore and gradually descends to a depth of 35 meters. The most beautiful vegetation of hard and soft corals can be found between 8 and 15 meters. It is a beautiful reef, a continuous garden of beautiful, large and healthy corals. Large groupers, snappers and buffalo trunk fish are regularly spotted here.


Ireland lies about 150 meters north of the southern water inlet bridge. Ireland has a difficult entry. The first part of the entry consists of an uneven and slippery rock bottom. After that it is fairly flat with a lot of fire coral, between which you have to find your way. At about 30 meters to the left of the entry point, at a depth of 3 meters, there are a number of old cannons and a bit further on you'll find some nice stick anchors.


Diving with a local guide at Ireland is highly recommended. Diving is only possible under calm weather conditions and with sufficient experience. There can be a very strong current along the drop off. You'll notice this if you're drifting sideways in rela

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