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Great dive if you can find it. Saw moray, turtle, and a ray. Lots …

13 m Visibility
26 °C - 15 m

If you like drift diving, the Chairs is the place to go. The strong current will take you all the way to Red Slave. Rough conditions such as high waves and a strong currents make this a dive site exclusively for experienced divers. Check the local conditions before entering the water and remember that you can only leave the water at Red Slave. Dive with a local guide.


Dive site, The Chairs, is located next to a high transmission mast. Enter the water at the high stakes standing upright on the shore. The strong currents will take you over beautiful coral reefs and wide sandy plateaus. When the sand bottom passes over into rocks you've reached Red Slave.


High waves and strung current, experienced divers only.

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