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Peter en Inge


Koraal is hier prachtig. Schildpadden gezien en grote barracuda's. Toch niet echt …

18 m Visibility
28 °C - m

Black Rock is a great combination of beautiful coral and interesting fish life. The shallow part on the edge of the drop-off can be compared to a Swiss cheese. There are holes and crevices everywhere that provide perfect shelters for green moray eels, lobsters and nurse sharks. Schools of fish are everywhere and between 9 and 15 meters you'll find coral formations on a mainly rocky sandy bottom.


Enter the water by making a giant leap (1 meter) at the end of the terrace, right in front of the large rock. Time your jump well, the incoming wave should take from the shore so you don't get pushed against the rocks. Jump without your fins on, put them on when lying in the water. Then let yourself drift left or right, depending on the current. With no current, choose left (north) to exit the water at Baby Beach South. When the water flows in a southerly direction (right) it's a long dive to the exit point at dive site 'Supermarket', where some old cannons lie. You'll find them just a little south of 'Supermarket' at a depth of 2 to 3 meters.


Always dive with a local guide. Diving is only possible under calm weather conditions. Narrow and uneven path to entry point. Be careful not to fall, use a stick if necessary. Please note that you have to leave the water in the surf.

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