Nederland, Zuid Holland


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Pim en buddy Patrick


Goed helder zicht, goede voorjaarsduik.

6 m Visibility
9 °C - m

Adrie en Cindy


Ondiep maar zeer geslaagd voor video-en fotografie. Sepiola, spookkreeftjes, …

5 m Visibility
19 °C - m

Nova, Connie, Steven en Natascha


Ondiep (3,4m), goed zicht (4m), heel veel kleur op de ‘oesterrifjes’ en veel leven (tw …

4 m Visibility
21 °C - m

Lia en Marco


Parked; 2?. Tea to water; 10:00. Green snails of incense, crabs, gobies, widowoos, …

5 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Pierre, Ed en Nick Lobé


A lot of dying soap mushrooms feed for crabs, green crab food, green weed/brown pleated …

4 m Visibility
20 °C - m

Adrie, Cindy en de rest


After 24 years back at this dive site, the site is very good location for photo/film of …

2 m Visibility
21 °C - m

Springersdiep is a quiet dive site. The surroundings are beautiful. It is an' unspoilt' piece of Lake Grevelingen on the Brouwersdam between Goeree-Overflakkee and Schouwen-Duiveland. Springersdiep is a small dive site with limited space, since there's a lot of pleasure boating. Make sure to stay outside the shipping routes and use a diving flag or diving buoy to indicate your position.


Park northwest of the curved pier that runs in an arc around the harbour. Then go down the stairs towards the water. Dive into the small area north of the harbour. Stay in this bowl to avoid the marina and busy shipping routes. Most life can be found near the brick edge of the dike itself, up to about 4 meters.


Don't dive near the marina and stay outside the shipping routes. Use of a dive flag or diving buoy. There may be fishing gear from professional fishermen. Leave the material alone!

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