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Ronald Sturm


Bootduik met Duikteam Zeeland. De Ketel gevonden. Erg mooi begroeit. Er zitten een paar …

4 m Visibility
21 °C - m

Lia en Ugo


By water; 20:23 through the Rhineland III diving here; we saw parts of the boiler but not …

3 m Visibility
20 °C - m

Wreck De Ketel lies in De Schaar van Yerseke. It is a large silo, which was sank here during a heavy storm on December 31, 1973. After several salvage attempts, authorities decided to leave it here. The wreck is completely covered with brick anemones, tunicates and anemones. Only accessible by boat. Descend and ascend along the anchor chain.


Length: 20 m. Widht: 5 m. Depth: 16,5 m. at low tide and 19,5 m. at high tide. Deepest point: 11 m. southwest at low tide. There are several holes in the wreck in which large crabs house.


Boating channel, don't make free ascends. Return to the surface along the anchor chain. Don't enter the wreck, the interior is small and contains many sharp edges.

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