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Ondiep op zoek naar de libre de mar, helaas niet gevonden. Wel veel lipvissen, grondels, …

8 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Raul, Maud, Jerome, Ton, Miranda & Ramon


Gedoken met Fosca Divers. Verschillende slakjes, sepia\'s, octopus, griet, kokerwormen, …

8 m Visibility
14 °C - m

Ton, Miranda, Ramon & Raul


Gedoken met Fosca Divers. Geweldige duik op een rustige locatie. Veel slakjes (oa zeehaas) …

10 m Visibility
14 °C - m

La Fosca 2 is a nice dive spot along a beautiful rocky coastline, where sometimes seahorses can be seen. Most marine life can be found between the rocks. Snails, shrimps and octopuses hide between the holes and crevices. The sandy bottom is bare during the day, but home to rays and sepia at night.


The beach at La Fosca 2 can be reached by stairs. Enter the water between the two rocks. Then dive with the rocks on your right side at first, and at your left side on the way back. The current is limited, which makes La Fosca 2 a dive spot for all levels. There is a dive center nearby.


Entry point and exit between two rocks, be careful. Not suitable for groups.

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