Spanje, Cantabria


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Paul kelbling


Leuke duik! Startend door een nauwe opening in de wand. In de tunnel zelf heel veel …

1 m Visibility
-2 °C - m

Arthur klaphake


Leuke duik gemaakt maar helaas het laatste buddypaar. De tunnel 2 x kunnen doen. 1 x voor …

10 m Visibility
23 °C - m

El Túnel, or the tunnel, is a special dive site. No more than ten times per year can be made here, if weather conditions are right. El Túnel is a tunnel in a rock with a room in it. In the room you'll find many scorpion fish and shrimps. A diving lamp is a must here! Visibility in the tunnel can quickly decrease, pay attention to your stroke.


Enter the water of El Túnel from the boat and find the entrance of the tunnel. Enter the tunnel on the north side, after about 12 meters you'll enter a room. The passage to the room is narrow, but more than enough for one diver. When you arrive in the room you can already see the light outside. In the room the tunnel widens and makes a bend where divers can pass each other.


In El Túnel open water divers are also allowed. This is done at your own risk. El Túnel can only be visited in very calm weather. In the first part of the tunnel you can't turn around to go back. Take a lamp with you. Sometimes bad visibility.

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