Spanje, Cantabria

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Maud, Miranda, Ramon, Raul & Ton.
Spanje, Cantabria 3-05-19

Ongelooflijk gave nachtduik. Gewone en rode octopus, sepia en sepiola,ratvis, zeetong, vuurworm, lipvis, steenvis, schorpionvis, pieterman..

9 m
14 °C - 11 m


Ton, Mirana & Ramon
Spanje, Cantabria 26-04-19

Door dagen hoge golven veel losse deeltjes in het water. Kokerworm, griet, zeedonderpad, slak, anemoon, murene, heremiet, zandaal en meer.

10 m
14 °C - 11 m


Ton, Miranda, Ramon & Raul
Spanje, Cantabria 20-05-18

Nachtduik met Fosca Divers. Schitterende nachtduik met oa pijlinktvis, octopus, ratvis, sepia, sepiola, zeedonderpad en 2 zeepaardjes.

12 m
14 °C - 10 m


Ton, Miranda & Ramon
Spanje, Cantabria 22-04-18

Mooie duik op een voor ons bekende duikstek. Sepia, kokerwormen, zeedahlia, platworm, slakjes, murene, lipvis, slijmvis en veel meer.

9 m
15 °C - 12 m

La Fosca 1 is a nice dive spot for all levels. The bottom slopes down gradually and navigating is simple, because you dive along the rocks. Keep the rocks on your left hand side after entering the water, and on your right on your way back. Look carefully between the rocks. There is less to see on the sand, but at night you may encouter cuttlefish and rays.


La Fosca 1 is easy to water from the beach. There is a diving school near the beach, where you enter the water. Contact them for material, a guided dive or a diving course. A special feature of this dive spot is that seahorses are spotted.


Sometimes there is a lot of boating at La Fosca 1, use a decoy buoy.

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