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R. de Jong


Beautiful dive under wonderful conditions. 2 turtles, parrot fish, 1 moray, Sargassum no …

24 m Visibility
27 °C - m



Walvishaai spotted and shot!

29 m Visibility
27 °C - m

Tailor Made is a remote dive site. The reef is beautifully covered with large fields of healthy coral, including yellow finger coral and black coral. The large collections of elephant ear sponges also stand out here. Dive over the hilly reef full of ridges and canals and let it all come to you. You will be accompanied by gobies, doctor fish and much more.


Park near the entry point. The road splits and forms a circle around a bush. Park you car past this point. The shoreline consists of small rocks and dead coral and slopes steeply down. A large stone marks the entry point. Now, find your way around the shallow reef near the shore until you reach the drop-off at 9 meters. The reef is hilly and runs down to about 40 meters. The variety of coral species is large, the black coral lives mainly in the deep parts. No need to go deeper than 20 meters.


Remote dive site. Strong surge, wait to put on your fins until you have reached deeper water. Shoreline slopes steeply down, be careful. Search for landmarks to find the exit after your dive.

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