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Geweldig, tonijn van meer zan 300 kg en 2,5 mtr. Honderden …

20 m Visibility
24 °C - 40 m

Tuna Farm pens vary in diameter from 50 to 90 meters and reach depths up to about 40 meters. A few dive centers and tour operators on Malta will take you to them for a small extra fee. Inside swim hundreds of blue fin tuna varying in size and weight, some as big as a little car weighing up to 400 - 450 kg. Tuna Farms are somewhat discredited and it is for everyone to decide if diving in them is a good or bad thing to do, though most divers that have done it speak of an unforgettable and breathtaking experience. You will be surrounded by big, powerful and fast tuna but they are also very aware of divers so there’s nothing to worry about.


All tuna swim in one direction causing an invisible but measurable vortex in the middle of the pen that will make divers descend so keep an eye on your depthgauge.


After the dive your dive gear will need a good rinse with a detergent to get rid of unwanted substance and smell.

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