Spanje, Cantabria

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Dive site Ullastre 2 is an underwater mountain. Just off the coast of the Spanish resort of Llafranc are three fantastic underwater mountains, called Els Ullastres or Los Ullastres. Ullastre 2 is the middle of the three. The northern walls are beautifully overgrown with gorgonians and the rock wall is teeming with life. Ullastre 2 has more depth difference than Ullastre 1, with its top at 8 meters depth.


Enter the water from the boat to discover the walls of Ullastre 2. You'll find everything from octopuses and groupers to rays and barracudas. Ullastre 2 has a gradually sloping wall that extends to 53 meters.


Beware of boat traffic at dive site Ullastre 2. Take your diving lamp with you.

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